Mini Tales v0.1.3


Welcome on R1dd3n version 5 RC 2!

Said the "transition" version

This "Release Candidate" version aims to resolve the various small problems of version 4, while bringing a new technological approach for faster, more ergonomic use. #VanillaJS

The data pattern remains, for the time being, identical to the one we've always used, but I'd still like to announce that R1dd3n is on the road to an evolution that will bring even more new features!

In the meantime, swipe right to find out about the changes.

By the way, let's be on first-name terms, shall we? 🙂

Simplified connection

R1dd3n abandons the use of the formal form of address, but above all, the use of the password to log in.

All you have to do is enter your username or e-mail address, and you'll receive a unique confirmation code by e-mail, which you can then use to log in. Say goodbye to forgotten passwords, and make way for fun, comfort and security!

Take a look at your new profile space!

Although the old data pattern is still in use, you can now take advantage of a much better space in which to consult your statistics and modify your recordings. You'll discover a few new features in preparation for the next major update of R1dd3n.

Rides and parks have also been given a new look

You'll also notice that the term "ride" will be given greater prominence than "roller coaster". When version 4 was rolled out, some "clever" people were able to take advantage of the "openness" of the add-on system to add "anything and everything", but this "anything and everything" is now official and less "anything and everything". 😉

For this version, the statistics are still categorized into 2 parts: "Roller coasters" and "Other attractions". But this presentation is not intended to remain permanently as it is…

Faster navigation and use

All the application's code has been completely reworked to adopt the latest and best practices.

In addition to ever easier maintenance and more accomplished structuring, R1dd3n now relies mainly on JavaScript technology, without any libraries, in pure Vanilla.

This enables the application to react more quickly, while offering a smoother, more flexible user experience without sacrificing intuitiveness or multi-platform compatibility.

Have fun, and stay tuned!

The ergonomic and technical changes are already quite numerous, but there's even more to come!

First of all, I invite you to have fun with this transitional version. You'll be tuned as soon as the final update is rolled out.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me directly to share your views.

If you like to come back here regularly, thank you for your loyalty. And thanks for reading this far, too!

I hope you enjoy discovering and having fun on R1dd3n, and see you soon for new developments!